Call for Entries: Girls’ Education Video Challenge

Are you aware of the alarming report that reveals 20 million children in Nigeria are currently not receiving any form of education, with 60% of these children being girls? This unfortunate reality is often the result of numerous challenges that Nigerian girls encounter, which is affecting their access to education.

Education as a Vaccine (EVA), in collaboration with Malala Fund, has launched the inaugural edition of the Girls’ Education Video Challenge.

From now till April 22, 2023, young people between the ages of 18 and 35 can submit a 90-second video on true-life stories of how girls are denied education in the country. 


The Nigerian education system is in a state of emergency. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), in a 2022 report, estimated that 20 million children and youth, most of whom are girls, are excluded from education in Nigeria. This figure increased from 13 million in 2010, and implies that Nigeria is the third largest out-of-school population in the world after India and Pakistan.

The country committed to spending 4% of its GDP and 22.5% of its national budget on education by 2025 and maintain this in 2030. However, the sector received 5.39% in 2022 – its lowest budgetary allocation by the federal government in the last ten years – representing a 50% reduction from the 10.79% of the national expenditure allocated to education in 2015.  

Despite being the second richest country on the continent, Nigeria spends less, in percentage terms, on education than all but one (Somalia) of the 10 poorest countries in Africa.  

The video challenge

The Girls’ Education Video Challenge, therefore, hopes to encourage young Nigerians to play their part in holding their newly elected leaders accountable for their education commitments.

So, do you know a girl denied education?

Can you share their story?

Let’s hear from you!


How to enter the video challenge

  • Make a video telling a true-life story of how girls are denied education in Nigeria and calling on the government to take action related to:
    • Make senior secondary education free
    • Fund more, fund better
    • Make schools safe
  • Upload the video to your social media account on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using #EducationNOW9ja
  • Follow/like EducationNOW9ja on the social media platform to which the video is uploaded (e.g, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter)
  • Videos can be made in English, Nigerian Pidgin, and any other Nigerian languages


  1. Please do not mention names or other identifying information, unless it’s your story and you are comfortable to share it (we would need to maintain confidentiality especially if the story of the person could put them at risk).
  2. By submitting a video you are consenting to take part in the Girls Education Challenge
  3. As an inclusive organisation, we welcome entries from under-represented and intersectional groups including persons with disabilities.


  • Open to young Nigerians between the ages of 18 and 35
  • Videos must be 90-second maximum
  • Video must be based on a true-life story
  • Video must be relevant to the topic
  • Participants must upload videos to their social media platform of choice using #EducationNOW9ja as a hashtag
  • Videos must be uploaded on or before 11:59pm on Saturday, April 22, 2023
  • Participants must be following EducationNOW9ja on the social media platform to which they uploaded their videos (e.g, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter)
  • One entry per person 


  • 1st prize – Tablet 
  •  2nd Prize – Smartphone 
  • 3rd Prize – Smart watch 
  • Creators of the top TEN videos will each receive 75GB worth of data
  • The top three videos will be promoted on social media
  • The three finalists will receive an all-expense-paid invitation to the National Moment on Basic and Secondary Education in Abuja on 27 April, 2023

Judging and Selection of Videos

A panel of judges will review the uploaded videos based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance – 40 Marks  
  • Popularity – 25 Marks 
  • Originality – 20 Marks
  • Creativity – 15 Marks

Winners will be announced on our social media platforms. Follow eva_nigeria and EducationNOW9ja on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates.