• Partnering with community leaders to take positive actions for adolescents and young people’s sexual and reproductive health

    Partnering in Community
  • Reaching out to rural women and girls on their sexual and reproductive health

    Amplify rights
  • Amplifying the voices of young women and girls to demand for their rights

  • Making a positive impact in
    the life of a child

  • Delivering HIV testing services to most at risk
    adolescents and young people

Happy #WorldContraceptionDay to AYP out there! If you can; abstain from sex. If you're sexually active; choose a contraceptive option that works for you. Where can you get it? Download our Linkup app on G/Playstore to find youth-friendly centres nearby bit.ly/3i2ezzf pic.twitter.com/sOPvDGRoVO

Yesterday from EVA Nigeria.'s Twitter

Sharing personal experiences: True stories of young people living with HIV in Nigeria.

“Growing up as a young person, I was always taking Anti-Retroviral Drug, I never knew what I was taking…I missed the drugs for so many times …a health care worker told me…once you stopped using the drugs, you are going to die”, Joy narrated her story.