• Partnering with community leaders to take positive actions for adolescents and young people’s sexual and reproductive health

    Partnering in Community
  • Reaching out to rural women and girls on their sexual and reproductive health

    Amplify rights
  • Amplifying the voices of young women and girls to demand for their rights

  • Making a positive impact in
    the life of a child

  • Delivering HIV testing services to most at risk
    adolescents and young people

As a young person, I know how it feels to be sexually assaulted. I was raped and I could not tell anybody because of what people will say. I was in school, pregnant for 6 months & I did not know - Joy Oboyi, EVA's Youth Advocate, PITCH-AGYW project #AgeofAccessNaija pic.twitter.com/KzUVNvTL4O

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Video: UNFPA Youth Social Media Advocates program – Episode 3

Increased access to quality sexual and reproductive health services is key to the health and well-being of adolescent girls and young women. Amina Mubarak Ahmad our Youth Social Media Advocate from Bauchi state is up to the task to change the narrative of young people’s access to family planning and reproductive health services in the Northern Nigeria #YSMANG