EVA recreates rape survivors’ outfits in #WhatSheWore Exhibition

EVA’s What Was She Wearing campaign exhibition in Nigeria showcases the stories of rape victims by recreating the outfits they wore during their assault.

The stories were collected by 16 girls and young women in both Kaduna and Benue states and we used the campaign to challenge norms, shift perceptions and push for the implementation of the Violence against Persons Prohibition Act.

The Amplifying the Voices of Young Women using Storytelling for Change was supported by Canada Fund for Local Initiatives.

“… he finally agreed with a condition that I should take off my clothes and give him a blow job”

“He pushed me to the ground and raped me covering my mouth”

“He pushed me against the wall and forced his hands under my top”

“before I knew it he was fondling my breast and chest area”

“The bus driver parked and came and dragged me out and raped me”


“He held me and said he wants us to be lovers. I refused and and he started dragging me to the room”

“I started struggling and he slapped me, held me down on the floor and raped me”

“He took me to his friend’s house and raped me”

 “… he came into my room in the middle of the night, pressed my face with a pillow and raped me”



“he raped me and ran away”

“When I woke, my head hurt so bad and I was feeling pain between my legs”

“… he forcefully took off my clothes, pushed me on a chair and raped me…”

“He slapped me and dragged me to the chair and he raped me”

“He then followed me, locked the door and threatened to kill me”

“He raped me and then threatened me not to tell anyone or else I won’t have a job again”

“I started crying and pleading and he slapped me. I just kept crying until he finished.

“ when I woke up, there was blood stains on my trouser and my vaginal was very sore”

“ … she would use her finger to penetrate my vagina. It was very painful”

“he started removing my pant and touching me and asking me to lie down”

“He hid my clothes when I was bathing and when I got out, he hit me a pestle and raped me”


“A pastor in my school always tried to touch my breast whenever I was alone in my room”


“I was sleeping when I felt something forced into my body and I tried to scream but he tied my mouth and he raped me”

 “I was stopped by a stranger pretending to ask for direction and hit ne really hard to the floor, he started ripping off my clothes…”

“On the first night, he sneaked into my room and raped me”


“my brother’s friend came to the house… forced himself on me and raped me. As a disabled person”


“he held me down but I bit his hand. He inserted his penis then someone came and started pounding the door”


“… their 30 year old neighbour had raped her”


“… he then forcefully inserted his penis in my vagina. I felt so much pain and started screaming…”


“Armed robbers me at gun point when I was travelling. I later found out I was pregnant”


“I told him I was young and not interested and he held me tight to his chair raised my skirt…”


“He made a stop for me to urinate… he followed me into the bush and raped”


“my dad and I were always alone and we got so close he started having sex with me without my mum suspecting”


“I was raped by my father… after he was telling me not to tell my mother…”


“one of the men I usually begged from invited me to his room pushed me to the bed, tore my clothes and raped me”


“my maths lesson teacher always puts his finger in my vagina”