Virtual Advocacy: Forward-thinking strategies to boost your advocacy efforts!

The outbreak of covid19 largely affected work methods; advocacy strategies evolved from face-to-face to virtual. The pandemic further revealed the gaps in access to health information and services, as well as in addressing other health and well-being needs of this population. Nigeria has committed to the SDGs; to ensure and promote good health and well-being for all at all ages.

However, achieving this goal remains implausible due to the failure by different stakeholders especially the government, to prioritize adolescent and young people’s (AYP) health. To address this during the lockdown, advocates and champions for adolescents’ health and well-being continued to push for a better legal, policy, and socio-cultural environment organizing webinars, tweet chats and campaigns to highlight the need to prioritize AYP health during emergencies.

Following the shift in strategy, EVA commissioned systemic research into the best practices of virtual advocacy for youth advocates especially on the specific issues of HIV/sexual and reproductive health and rights as well as UHC in the Nigerian context. This advocacy tool will be a valuable resource for all forms of virtual/digital advocacy. Download it here