The Nigeria youth and health development summit organized by the MAYE group sought to identify a multi-sectoral range of issues young people face, harmonize these issues, form a nationwide consensus for the advancement of the agenda and engage political aspirants with this agenda for them to prioritize during the 2023 election year and then in the next administration.
To ensure the representative participation of diverse groups of young people, Education as a Vaccine engaged 20 young people across the 6 geopolitical zones in Nigeria to hear the key issues affecting their sexual reproductive health and collate recommendations that will address these issues.  The needs of AYPs are as diverse as they are. Overcoming key barriers to healthy lifestyles such as lack of accurate information, no right to family planning counselling/services and privation of access to youth-friendly SRH and mental health services will give young people the ability to protect themselves from poor reproductive outcomes. Identifying the needs of AYPs is pivotal towards realizing their full inclusion in Universal Health Coverage.
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