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    Project HIV Prevention
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The Decision HIV Story- Helping Jenny discover her status

Being placed on treatment and seeing an improvement in her health, Jenny is gradually overcoming negative behaviours that could jeopardize the efficacy of her medication and place her at high risk of reinfection. Where she once faced testing…
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Expanding Adolescents and Young People's Access to HIV Testing, Treatment and Care Services

Achieving AIDS-free generation for children, adolescents and young people is possible. We need to expand adolescents and young people's access to HIV testing, treatment and care services through index- case tracing. Read EVA’s report on the…

HIV Prevention and Mitigation Project

HIV Prevention and Mitigation Project, in partnership with AIDS Prevention Initiative in Nigeria (APIN HIP)

Scaling up Tertiary Institutions Response to AIDS Project

This project is similar to the HAPPY project, being implemented in the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja) and is aimed at finding innovative and interesting ways to engage youth in information and services related to HIV, Sexual and Reproductive Health and life skills in Benue State.

HIV/AIDS Prevention Project for Youth (HAPPY)

HAPPY is a fitting acronym for the HIV/AIDS Prevention Project for Youth. The idea behind this project is to find innovative and interesting ways to engage out of school youth in information and services related to HIV, sexual and reproductive health and life skills.