office-buildingMilestones are a proof of hard work and recognition for work done and done well.

In December 2012, Stars foundation recognized EVA for its work with adolescent and young people. We were awarded the “Education Impact Award” and received $100,000 unrestricted grant. The grant was given to us for sustainability. Till date, Education as a Vaccine is the only Nigerian organization to receive this award.

With this grant, EVA purchased its office in Benue state and built its three-storey Headquarters in Jahi district Abuja where operations resumed on the 3rd of January.

The new building is our new base for HQ operations and FCT field office. The building has: a conference room, a big reception area, and offices for our staff. It currently houses the MyQ service, which is EVA’s pioneer mobile phone platform that provides young people with answers to Sexual and Reproductive Health issues. The ground floor which currently functions as the HQ and FCT field office has four (4) offices, a spacious open plan kitchen, and a comfortable reception.



Though the Phase one of the building has just been completed work is still in progress for the completion.

img_3064Generally, the staff of EVA are pleased with the new building and the impact it will have on their work.


“I think it is a better working environment altogether, it’s more spacious and there’s comfort while working and that makes me more efficient” – Mercy Malgwi, Program Officer MyQ&A service.

“It is  more comfortable and has ample space and better ventilation. Being in a comfortable environment makes you improve on your work” – Chinelo Okonkwo, Team Leader Programs.

“This new structure is a plus for EVA. Although there is still work to be done, my work will definitely be more organized” – Gerald Mkpe, Assistant Admin/HR officer

“I am really excited about this, it is a beautiful building and a great space for staff. It is an opportunity to showcase who we are and it is a space for young people to feel heard and develop their voices” – Olabukunola Williams, Acting Executive Director.


EVA is hoping that this structure will aid in contributing to raise unrestricted funds. EVA views this new building as a means of diversifying her income and a source of additional funds to support her work.


In the future, the new structure will house a cafe that will be wheelchair accessible, several conference and meeting rooms which will be open for use to the general public, and fully furnished offices for short-term lease. In addition, the building will serve as a home for our youth friendly center which we should launch by the end of 2017/the beginning of 2018. The youth friendly center will serve as a safe space for adolescents and young people.

Come check us out at Cadastral Zone B08, Plot 1531/1534 Jahi District, Jahi-Abuja!!!