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  • Is the Menstrual Health and Care is an android application which is specifically designed to help adolescent girls and young women to learn more about their bodies and menstrual health.

  • How to Navigate on the DIVA

  • Set up Cycle: Upon download and installing, key information are requested from the user which would be used to set up their menstrual cycle

  • Dashboard: The dashboard is used to continuously input daily information about your body and your cycle; this will enable the App to enhance its algorithm in calculating the expected days for periods, fertile days as well as ovulation periods. Users are encouraged to use the dashboard everyday and input correct information to help the calculation.

  • Period: This is a calendar view that shows all daily information inputted by the user in the dashboard. This section also shows expected days for periods, ovulation and fertile window. It displays sexual activities, contraceptives usage as well as cramps.

  • Learn: on DIVA app you can read information on pregnancy, contraceptives and on menstrual hygiene and care; watch short video clips on menstrual hygiene, how to use a sanitary pad, tampons etc

  • Ask: get clarification as well as referrals to health service facilities. Text your questions to 38120 for FREE on MTN, Airtel and Glo. Live chat is available on Whatsapp.

  • Users can also send emails to the web database with their questions including their Ages, Sex and location. Why you should have DIVA app

  • DIVA is a menstrual period tracking app that help girls prevent pregnancy and maintain good menstrual hygiene.

  • It helps girls and young women to love and take control of their bodies.

  • Now Available on Google Play Store



[su_tab title=”FRISKY”]➢ Is the Sexual Health Information and Risk Assessment mobile phone Application it is an android application. ➢ FRISKY empowers adolescent and young people to seek for accurate information to enable them make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health. ➢ It helps young people to assess their sexual health risk and take steps to minimize or eliminate such risks. How to Navigate on the FRISKY Mobile App ➢ Know your bodi: is the section that provides information on sexual and reproductive health topics and concerns for adolescents and young people. ➢ It has very interesting images with to aid understanding of the various topics. ➢ Check your bodi: This section allows users to input information about themselves by providing response to series of questions about their sexual activities; this will be used to determine the users risk level as well as information on how to reduce or eliminate such risks. ➢ Yarn with us: get clarification as well as referrals to health service facilities. Text your questions to 38120 for FREE on MTN, Airtel and Glo. Live chat is available on Whatsapp. ➢ When sending text or e-mail , Please include your age, sex and location (example 15FLag for 15 year Female from Lagos) [/su_tab] [su_tab title=”LINKUP”]➢ Is a Youth Friendly Services Finder is an application that links adolescents and young people to Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights services facilities and providers across Nigeria ➢ Its uses a Google mapping functionality to help young people find and access adolescent friendly health care services from facilities closest to them. ➢ You can log in as a guest or as a service provider. As a guest you can ➢ Search/find uploaded youth friendly facilities either by location or by type of services required. ➢ The app provides users with pictures of the facilities and contact persons and details including landmarks to guide in direction to the facilities. ➢ Linkup makes you active contributor, by rating the quality of services received after visiting any health facilities. As a Service provider ➢ Adolescent health service providers are also given the opportunity to register and upload their health service centers onto the App to enable young people have access to their center. ➢ All uploaded facilities are verified before approval is given. [/su_tab][/su_tabs]