Construction of EVA’s permanent site, a three storey building located in Jahi, District of Abuja, is in progress.   The construction started mid last year and has been made possible through an unrestricted fund from STARS Foundation.

On the 12th of February, the Executive Director led a team of staff members on a site tour to the on-going construction site. The team walked through each of the completed floors and also observed construction team as they worked.


“As one of the founders of EVA, I am extremely excited at the opportunity to have our own building and progress we have made with the construction.  A key element of an organization’s sustainability is operating from its own premises.  After 16 years, this is now moving from a dream to reality.  This building represents many opportunities for EVA and is an important part of our growth.  I am grateful to STARS foundation for making it happen…” – Fadekemi Akinfaderin-Agarau, Executive Director


“EVA has sure made a monumental progress with this beautiful structure. It will definitely be an ideal working environment for EVA staff.  I am also very excited that our My Question Service, the project I work on, is going to have its own space.  This will further help us in ensuring privacy and confidentiality in delivering sexual health counselling for young people” -Toyin Chukwudozie, Program Officer.


“There is a lot of improvement on the building and we making progress on the project site. When the building is completed, it will not only accommodate all staff but provide opportunities to raise funds by letting out some spaces for commercial purpose.  This will enable EVA diversify it sources of income to go beyond grants alone” -Loveth Adache, Team Lead, Finance and Admin.


Beyond serving as a new home for the headquarters and FCT field office operations, the building will also house a youth centre that will feature health services and recreational activities for adolescents and young people in the Abuja.  The building is expected to be completed August 2016.