Education as a Vaccine statement for Universal Health Coverage HLM Multi-Stakeholder Hearing at the UN HQ in New York 

As highlighted in UHC2030 Key Ask 1 from the UHC Movement, to deliver on the promise of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and transform the lives of all people, including adolescents and young people in all their diversity, governments must make UHC their primary responsibility. Civil society urges governments to achieve inclusive development, prosperity and fairness, which requires political decisions that go beyond the health sector. Governments should invest in a comprehensive approach to health service delivery that is tailored to the national and local context and represents the needs of the populations they serve. This means including those who are not prioritized, such as adolescents (especially those who are out of schools, without parents or caregivers) or members of population groups which are often criminalized, abused or excluded from society.

As emphasized in UHC2030 Key Ask 3, governments should create an enabling environment for UHC through legal and regulatory frameworks that ensure that quality health services are available to all people. These frameworks must centre around the rights of all people no matter their age, gender, or status and provide oversight in all health sectors even in cases where countries rely on private healthcare providers.


Speaker: Olabukunola Williams

Executive Director of Education as a Vaccine


CSEM, Alliance for Gender Equality and UHC