In the efforts to contribute to the reduction of new HIV infections and unintended pregnancies among young people, EVA, with support from UNFPA carried out condom use promotion and HIV prevention sensitization on 27th June 2018 using NoHoodieNoHoney animation video at the University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Benue State.

The outreach attracted over 250 students of the university and generated an active discussion among young people (15-24) on HIV

NoHoodieNoHoney Campaign Picture in Benue State with Bem Alugh

NoHoodieNoHoney Campaign Picture in Benue State with Bem Alugh

prevention and sexual and reproductive health.

In his presentation to the students, Bem Alugh, Team Lead Individual and Community Capacity Strengthening underlined that, complete elimination of HIV/AIDS is possible. He added that the right information in the hands of right people, especially, young people saves lives, “It all starts with prevention by saying NoHoodieNoHoney”.

Improving Quality of ASRH project, through NoHoodieNoHoney animation video is promoting young people, especially girls’ access to age appropriate and gender responsive SRH information that will enable them to make informed choices about their sexual health and relationships.

Mrs Dooshima Awai, Desk Officer, School Health and HIV Education, under the State Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, commended the initiative and added that strategic interventions like the campaign will contribute to the reduction in the spate of sexually transmitted diseases, especially, HIV in the state.

The session also included discussion, a male and female condom demo, a roleplay on condom negotiation, HIV testing service, and a question and answer session.

For one of the participants, “carrying a condom is like carrying sanitary pad”, and most of the participants agreed that, if there is ‘NoHoodieNoHoney’.

Education as a Vaccine is duplicating the campaign in other institutions in Benue state and Federal Capital Territory including, Benue State University, Makurdi, University of Abuja, School of Nursing, Abuja, and the proposed Dorben University in Niger State.

EVA is also partnering with relevant stakeholders to further reach young people with sexual and reproductive health information and services. The sensitization is contributing to the implementation of National HIV Strategy (2017-2022) and National HIV prevention campaign being implemented in Benue and FCT.