In Nigeria, adolescent girls and young women, especially girls from poor households, living with HIV,  living with disabilities, and/or affected by conflict or natural disasters like floods have poor access to health care services that can improve the quality of their lives. They often face stigma and discrimination at the point of accessing services that involve shaming, disrespect and rejection. Nigeria has one of the highest maternal mortality ratios at 576 deaths per 100,000 live births and adolescent girls and young women account for more than 30% due to complications from birth and unsafe abortions.

To worsen the situation, contraceptive use among Adolescents and Young People (AYP) especially Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) is low, as nearly one-third of sexually active women in Nigeria aged 15-24 have an unmet need for contraception. The poor youth-friendliness in healthcare facilities and attitude of healthcare workers across Nigeria make access to services difficult and unattractive for AYP. AYP often do not adopt positive health-seeking behaviours because of age restrictions.

To ensure that governments at all levels invest in the health and education of adolescent girls and young women, especially those living with HIV to meet their overall health need, addressing the barriers of choices, resources and opportunities facing girls in Nigeria is strongly needed. Education as a Vaccine worked with its partners in the PITCH AGYW Project (APYIN and ASWHAN) to produce this photo brochure. The Advocacy Photo Brochure is a compendium of different advocacy photographs representing SRH issues that affect AYP especially AGYW living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria with a focus on lowering the age of consent.

This brochure will join in building momentum for our advocacy on lowering the age of consent that will ensure that AGYW in Nigeria have access to HIV testing and services. Download