To mark the 2023 menstrual hygiene day, Education as a Vaccine, with support from FOS Feminista, conducted a community sensitization to celebrate the day. The activity took place in the Ideyi community in Makurdi LGA of Benue state. The participants cut across AGYW age 10-24, parents mostly women, community gatekeepers, and the community youth leader.

Just as the theme: ‘Making menstruation a normal fact of life by 2030. the conversation was on the need for the community structures and gatekeepers, the parents, the young men, and other community members to create enabling environment and support system that will encourage and support AGYW in achieving the theme ‘Making menstruation a normal fact of life by 2030.

The community gatekeepers and parents are actively dedicated to providing support for their daughters during menstruation. They are also committed to involving other parents in order to garner support for all girls within the community. Additionally, they have pledged to engage in conversations with male children about sexual and reproductive health and menstruation. This inclusive approach aims to ensure that all community members, regardless of gender, possess a comprehensive understanding of menstruation and are supportive of individuals experiencing it.

During discussions, the participants explored various types of menstrual materials and learned about proper menstrual hygiene practices. Special attention was given to young girls who have recently started menstruating, providing them with demonstrations on how to effectively use menstrual products. This practical guidance enables them to manage their menstruation with confidence and comfort.

Furthermore, the EVA team addressed prevalent myths and misconceptions surrounding menstruation. They emphasized the importance of proper disposal of menstrual materials to combat environmental pollution and mitigate the associated climate implications. By dispelling misinformation and promoting responsible waste management, the community aims to foster a healthier and more sustainable environment.