My Question and Answer

The service was developed to challenge the socio-cultural context, which limits young people’s ability to ask and discuss sexual and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS issues.  My Question provides a mechanism for young people to ask questions on SRHR issues through voice calls, text messages, email and a website interface.  My Answer is a platform that engages and motivates young people to seek information, learn and win prizes on a monthly SRH quiz competition.


The service is managed daily by a team of seven counselors who are trained and supervised by EVA.  These counselors represent the ethnic diversity of Nigeria and speak 5 languages.  The service’s ICT backend, including the management information system, is managed with support from One World, UK and the VAS support by VAS2NET.   Since operations commenced in 2007, over 900,000 text messages, 28,433 voice calls and 800 emails/web entries have been received.  In 2013, the service was extended to include counseling through Facebook, and over 7,000 young people have “liked” the page.  Young people have cited My Q&A as their preferred channel of sexual and reproductive health information and referral because the service protects anonymity and confidentiality and can be accessed irrespective of their location and at their convenience.  Based on data from the 2014 evaluation report of the hotline and SMS platforms, 41.3% of My Q& A users are females with a mean age of 25 years but ranges from 10 to 30 year old.  Majority of young people using the service are single, never been married but 9% of female are currently married.  Fifty-eight percent of clients live in urban areas


My Question and Answer Stats
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